Poker Track Lite – Live Stats and Bankroll Tracker App Reviews

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Poker apps

Great app. Very detail, very useful!!!

Nice Free App

This app works great for a free app. I'm new to poker and this app seemed like a good idea, so I decided to try it out. I was happy to see that it automatically picked up my location when starting a new game. I think some of the other data should be automatic, such as, if I bust out in say 30th place out of a field of 100, and the top 10 pays, I shouldn't have to enter that I didn't make any money. I haven't explored all areas of the app, but it works perfect for what I need at this point... again being new to poker.

Excellent for rec players

This is perfect for recreational players. Probably for pro players as well. Allows you to easily track wins and losses, and then throws in really great analysis as to your performance with location and time of day factored in. If you want to keep an eye on your performance in a way that helps to keep you accountable to yourself, this is perfect.


This app does it all! Tracks everything with nice charts and graphs


This app does it all! Highly recommended!


Great App!!! The stat will definitely help me improve my game. And the notes of each session will help with the leaks in my play!



Poker Pros

Very easy to use and the GPS game locater sold me and I upgraded. All the stats I need. I could sell this to dozens of players.

Nice app !!

Great app for pp who want to keep track of their poker game.


Keeps freezing when I'm trying to view my stats. Great idea for an app but needs to be fixed asap


Works great.

Doesn't work

Thought this was great and was about to pay for pro when in session 6 it started hanging and I saw bug after bug. Piece of garbage, fire the coders and fix it.

Excellent app

This is really cool, great app

Really cool

This is the best Poker tracking app available, I'm learning a LOT about my game (I had no idea how much I am spending on tips). I gotta convince my buddies to use it so I can use the friend tracker!

Very impressive

It's amazing how much better you actually play once you start tracking your bank roll. I know exactly where I stand at any given time.


Cluttered interface. Don't like the spinning ball. But mostly it is just too slow with a large data set.

I like it

Does what I want. Simple way to track results. I started keeping notes on players and it helped my play. It could be a tad more user friendly by requiring a few less steps, but this is a minor issue. The odds calc is helpful for justifying bad beats!

Best application

By far the best. You'll like it so much you buy the $9 version.

Excellent app!

If you play poker with any frequency, you should definitely use this app! It is simple to use, but very powerful and WILL help your bankroll. Plus, the developer is super responsive - I suggested two new features and he had them implemented in less than 3 weeks!


Best poker app I had the pleasure of using. Great if you like keeping records on how your gaming is progressing.

Super App

Full featured and a real help. Don't miss this one.

More than I expected

Great app! Lots if cool features. I love the charts! Developer is very responsive to bugs.

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